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Yumaro’s training programs are specially developed and delivered for people with a disability. Our programs instil tremendous personal pride in participants; they build independence, skills, and social connections, and are great fun! We develop programs to meet your individual learning and development needs – simply contact the Learning Centre today to discuss how we can help you on your learning journey.

Independent Living Skills Program Calendar

20 May 2022

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24 May 2022

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28 May 2022

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Enrolment Process

Face-to-face Meeting

Assess Individual Needs

Set Goals and review Interest and Talents

Establish Custom Program

Register for further details about our Learning Programs and one of our friendly team will call you back to arrange a face-to-face meeting.

Explore our Learning Programs

Living Skills Program

Our 12-week Living Skills Program is an individualised program that supports the development of greater independence and improved everyday life skills. 

The topics are guided by the participants to build your capacity and confidence in the areas such as cooking programs, manage household tasks including budgeting, shopping, menu planning and social skill development. ​

This program can include regular community outings, weekly shopping and cooking sessions as well as participating in community fun events.

Life Skills

This series of 3 separate 10-week programs (1 hour per week) are run in small groups (or can be individual) by our professional facilitator to develop skills and knowledge in targeted areas, including:

Life Skills 1 – Foundation program targets skill and knowledge development in the areas of communication, teamwork, problem solving, and decision making.

Life Skills 2 – Targets using the skills and knowledge from Life Skills 1 and adapting them to your home, working and social environment.

Life Skills 3 – Customisable topics including:

  • Budgeting
  • Planning for the Future
  • Using Technology as a Consumer Safely 
  • Being a Smart Consumer 

This program will target and support the needs of the individual.

Literacy and Numeracy

This course explores basic literacy and numeracy in real life situations and aims to improve skills to build confidence and independence. Delivery includes one on one or small group learning activities aimed to improve your literacy and numeracy skills for everyday living.

This program will help you build confidence in:

  • Literacy and Numeracy for Everyday Living 
  • Managing Money and Money Skills
  • Using Public Transport and even getting your L’s
  • Personal Development and Safety

Microenterprise Program

Do you have an idea, an interest in or a current hobby that you need support in developing into business? Our Microenterprise Program provides targeted, individual support that assists you to develop and run your own hobby or micro business. It could be developing your product or activity so that you market it online, sell it at the local weekend markets, or turn it into a fulltime/part-time employment opportunity.

Meet the Team:


Employment Pathways and Learning

My role includes looking after the learning centre and customised employment. In the learning centre we focus on specialised support and capacity building programs. Our programs vary dependent on the individual and their needs. Our focus is on teamwork, communication, and friendship, we work with the participants to achieve a more independent, more enjoyable life


Learning Assistant

Yumaro offers our participants a friendly, inclusive, and respectful environment where they can learn new skills and make friends. There is a lot of variety in my job, each day is different. Some days I will be helping a participant solve a problem they are facing and the next day I am supporting a participant to learn to read.