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Yumaro Learning Centre

Yumaro’s training programs are specially developed and delivered for people with a disability. Our programs instil tremendous personal pride in participants, they build independence, skills, and social connections and are great fun!

Apart from the ‘reading & writing’, ‘travel training’ course we recommend people plan to do one course at a time which would allow you to complete up to two courses in a year.

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Yumaro Indepedent Living Skills Program

Learn to cook delicious meals, throw a dinner party, manage household tasks, budgeting, social skills and more. This is a highly sought after program with guest speakers and plenty of community engagement.

Duration: 1 day per week 21 weeks.

Yumaro Leadership Program

Develop leadership skills for life and work including relationship skills, personal development, managing stress, coaching others, working in teams, working safely, using social media wisely, and knowing what to do when I or others have problems.

Duration: 1 day per week 21 weeks

Yumaro Reading and Writing Skills

Improve your reading / writing skills – learn using things that you enjoy, books, computer programs, newspapers, magazines, writing letters, emails or text messages to friends. Supported employees can attend in work hours (paid).

Duration: 1 hour a week for 12 months

Yumaro Fit and Active

This course involves fun ways to exercise and stay healthy like beach walking and bike riding that will also enable greater participation in community and work life.

Duration: 1/2 day per week for 21 weeks.

Yumaro Computers and Technology

How to safely use computers for internet, saving files, creating word processing documents, using tablets, using phones, and special apps that assist with various disabilities for work and life.

Duration: 1/2 days per week for 21 weeks.

Counselling - Personal Capacity Building, Resilience, Problem Solving and More

Develop yourself! This program will give you skills to better manage difficult situations, make better decisions, deal with stress and more. Program facilitated by a professional counsellor.

Duration: 2 hours per week for 6 weeks.

Travel Training!

Getting around our shire can be tricky for anyone. In this program we'll help you develop your confidence in getting about by bus, waiting at bus stops and more. This service is customised to meet the needs of participants and is conducted in small groups, 1:1 or combination of both.

Duration: will vary depending on needs of participant - quoted individually.

Course Costs

These courses are designed to help participants reach their NDIS goals. You can use your NDIS funding to support you to attend these courses, however you will need to make sure that these programs are directly relevant to your goals. For example the following goals would link well with our courses: ‘stay fit and healthy’, ‘learn to read for work’, ‘find a job’ and/or ‘live more independently’.

Exact course costs will depend on the support needs of the participant and therefore pricing will be quoted individually. Please call us (44743336) or email Neil on neil@yumaro.com.au to receive an individual quote.

Course Start Dates

See Yumaro Course Timetable for confirmed and proposed start dates. Please note this timetable is subject to change, so please confirm with Yumaro on 44743336 to double check course dates.

How to Enrol?

To register your interest for a program please call Rhonnie at Yumaro 44743336 or email Neil at neil@yumaro.com.au .

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