Secure jobs for people with disabilities in a supported environment...

Yumaro run over 8 different social enterprises that engage workers both with and without a disability. For those with a disability, professional support workers are always onsite to assist you to succeed.

Yumaro is a 'soft entry to the workforce'. While Yumaro have to run competitive commercial businesses, we ultimately prioritise the success of our employees. Our business model is diesigned around providing supports and training to employees to ensure they succeed. Some fo the different career opportunities for workers to choose from Yumaro are below...

Yumaro Paper and Cardboard

The employees in this division pick up commercial cardboard as well as office paper and transport them to our cardboard recycling facility in Moruya. As agents for Orora and Visy we help the local environment by processing large quantities of cardboard.

Yumaro Document Destruction

Yumaro offer a confidential document shredding service for sensitive material.

Yumaro Cleaning Cloths

Yumaro manufactures high quality cleaning cloths for sales stalewide through major retail chains.

Yumaro Textiles

Yumaro has a textile division which produces a variety of products for companies such as Bluescope, Flagstaff, Woolworths, Ensign and the Eurobodalla Shire Council. We also offer an embroidery service for business and sporting uniforms.

Yumaro Woodshed

Our employees produce survey pegs and guide posts on behalf of the Eurobodalla Shire Council, landscapers, surveyors and construction companies.

Mullala Nursery

Yumaro owns a nursery in Ulladulla. It is a wholesale and retail nursery supplying plants from Wollongong to Narooma. The nursery produces high quality native and exotic plants for landscape, commercial and domestic use.

Yumaro Grounds Maintenance

Employees take great pride in maintaining the lawns and gardens of local business and residential properties.

Yumaro Administration & Customer Service

Employees work behind the scenes in on databases, photography, social media, as safety officers, up front on the Yumaro reception desk and more.

Why people love working at Yumaro...

Real Jobs - Yumaro’s businesses are deliberately designed to incorporate a huge range of different job tasks from the most complex to the most basic - all of which genuinely contribute to the commercial outputs of the business. Every employee has a real job and can be proud of the contribution they make to the community

Social Life - with staff and volunteers from all different backgrounds and ability levels, all Yumaro employees form genuine friendships in the workplace. Everyday employees test and grow their social skills and form lasting relationships. The social interaction is one of the reasons why employees love working at Yumaro

Individual Support - Every employee at Yumaro has an individual plan developed to ensure they succeed in the workplace. We understand that work can present real challenges for people so we specialise in working with each person to build their capacity – this includes – flexible working hours, tailored equipment, targeted 1:1 training, behavioural plans, professional supervision and more.

Transport - Yumaro provide a pick up and drop off shuttle bus service from the centre of Moruya and from various locations throughout Batemans Bay to help you get to work.

Specialised Training Programs - Employees not only have access to the full range of innovative learning programs at the Yumaro Learning Centre, but also receive tailored on-the- job training to assist them to perform new tasks. Work based training includes full Certificate programs and various 1:1 short courses conducted in worktime.

Literacy Numeracy Programs - Employees have the opportunity to build their literacy and numeracy skills during work time. See the learning centre courses for details.

Social and Sporting Events - Yumaro employees enjoy the greatest Christmas party around, regular BBQ days and special events like the Yumaro Golf Day – all provided as part of work.

1:1 High Needs Support in the Workplace - if you require individual support in the workplace Yumaro’s professional care staff can work with you to ensure you succeed at work. Individual support requirements can be accessed via NDIS plan.

Employment or Volunteering in the Open Labour Market

If your goal is to gain employment or do some volunteer work in the open labour market then Yumaro can assist. Yumaro has extensive networks with local employers and the best skills and experience in supporting people with disabilities to succeed at work.

Everyone is different! We customise a program to help you achieve your career goals. Our program will enable you to mix and match any of the following

services to fulfil your career goals:

Career plan - build a profile of your own skills, likes and ambitions with a road map to achieving your career goals

Supported Employment at Yumaro to build your work experience and capacity to work successfully.

Work / Volunteering Skills and Work Readiness Training - inspiring programs conducted 1:1 and in small groups to build critical workplace skills like: team work, communication, WHS, following procedures, etc

Job Search & Job Matching Service - we will help you find, approach and negotiate with employers. We will also work with DES providers at this stage.

Employment / Volunteering Support and Mentoring - once your have found a place you like we’ll be there to support you until you find your feet

School Leaver Employment Supports

Set your working life on the right path with Yumaro’s transition to work program. Our program doesn’t just include job search and skills training like many others, it includes the chance to get actual work experience in our supported employment businesses. There is no better training for work than really working!

  • Creating a Career plan based on your personal skills, goals and likes
  • Develop a personal support plan and receiving tailored supports to build your capacity to work
  • Engaging in paid supported employment to get used to being in a working environment (optional)
  • Participating in Yumaro's accredted work readiness training program (optional)
  • Receive tailored 1:1 training to build job capacity
  • Job Search and Job Matching service
  • Job trails
  • Employment placement support and mentoring
  • Ongoing support to build a working lifestyle

Supported Employment

We believe that...

*This service is only available via NDIS funded supports*

Services available in Eurobodalla and Southern Shoalhaven

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MORUYA: 6-8 Shelley
Moruya Industrial Estate
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PO Box 607
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ULLADULLA: 02 4455 4799
MORUYA: 02 4474 3336
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